core values

Our values are deeply integrated into our investment approach
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C.W. Obel’s contribution as a partner

What can you expect from us?

“We are driven by entrepreneurship and collaboration – and we invest in long-term value creation”

Specific investment mandate
Enables efficient decision making

High standards for integrity and confidentiality
Collaboration is built on mutual trust and respect

Long-term investor
With no defined exit horison

Considerable experience
As shareholder and active owner

Long-term value creation
Willingness and capacity to invest

Would you like to know more about your opportunities?

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Thomas Holm
Director of Investments
+45 23 39 37 55
Mads Nørgaard
+45 25 25 65 66

C.W. Obel has a proactive approach to direct investments and would like to be an attractive partner for business owners and managements in unlisted companies. We continuously conduct new direct investments in good and healthy companies in which we can engage in loyal and long-term partnerships with the stakeholders of the individual company.