Responsible investments

C.W. Obel has a long history of active and long-term ownership in Danish companies. Our core values – Honesty, Accountability and Propriety – are main priorities in everything we do, and we continuously strive to comply with these core values.

We are aware that our primary social impact is committed through our investments. Hence, we expect and monitor that the companies, which we are involved in, apply a responsible and sustainable business model as well as incorporate ESG initiatives in their individual business models.

Focus on and monitoring of sustainability and ESG is performed through the entire investment process, from screening and due diligence to active ownership.

Screening and due diligence: To assess risks related to corruption, social and environmental aspects these topics are treated as integrated parts of C.W. Obel’s screening/due diligence when performing new investments. If no material risks are identified or potential matters have been treated accordingly, C.W. Obel continues its investment considerations.

Active ownership: After the investment, C.W. Obel continuously monitors the activities of the individual companies, incl. aspects related to corruption, environmental and social risks. In particular, this work is performed through C.W. Obel’s role on the boards of the companies.
Learn more about our work in relation to responsible investments and sustainability in the specific section regarding corporate social responsibility in our annual report.

Examples of sustainable focus areas and initiatives in our subsidiaries:

Semco Maritime

The organisation in Semco Maritime and C.W. Obel have in collaboration succeeded in transforming Semco Maritime from being a supplier with a sole focus on the offshore oil & gas industry to become one of the leading partners for participants in the offshore renewables industry. Today, Semco Maritime plays a vital role in meeting the world’s increasing energy consumption in a safe and sustainable way. The company operates within the 10 principles in Global Compact and with direct impact on seven goals for sustainable development.

For more information, please visit the Semco Maritime webpage

Sceenshot from Semco Maritime's website

ID Identity

Responsible textile production is not a matter about geography. ID Identity started manufacturing in countries such as Bangladesh and China in the 1980s and has continuously developed its strong collaborative relationships with its suppliers. Close dialogue and mutual loyalty have entailed unique opportunities for implementing very high standards for quality, environment, health and safety.

For more information, please visit the ID Identity webpage

Sceenshot from ID Identity's website

C.W. Obel has a proactive approach to direct investments and would like to be an attractive partner for business owners and managements in unlisted companies. We continuously conduct new direct investments in good and healthy companies in which we can engage in loyal and long term partnerships with the stakeholders of the individual company.